Top Fashion Tips For Professional Women Within Their Budget

If you are a working woman and wish to look fashionable without spending too much on your professional wardrobe, then you can follow few simple tips to help you look fashionable and stylish at the same time.

1. Purchase white, black and brown tunics

Be it your tops, suits, blouse, pencil skirt or evening dresses, go for the ones in different white, brown and black shades. This would help you to mix and match them several times a month without letting others notice that you are wearing the same pants or skirts. Also remember not to repeat your accessories with the same skirt or tops when you repeat it.

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2. Go for simple ones

Your professional wardrobe must be simple and elegant, as it would help portray you as a dedicated person. Prefer simple suits, pumps with closed toe design or a basic camisole to look your best during all formal business meets or normal work days. This is especially helpful when you are involved in the job hunt.

3. Follow the rule of 70:30

When you have a very tight budget or if you don’t prefer to splurge money on work clothes, you can follow this simple rule of 70:30. This means your wardrobe must have 70% of classic clothes and 30% that are trendy and colourful. This would help you wear work clothes in a different combination based on your mood everyday.

4. Buy clothes that are easy to maintain

When you are shopping for your workplace clothes, make sure that you choose the ones that are hot in fashion but look at the tag
attached to know if they require dry washing. Dry washing can burn a hole in your purse if done on a regular basis. Hence buy clothes that can be washed easily at home to save a lot of bucks.

5. Opt for bags with dual role

If you are purchasing bags for your office use, make sure that you find those bags that are multifunctional. Have tote bags in various styles, as it would help you use it both in the office and for shopping. You can visit for more fashionable ideas.

6. Accessorize your dresses                                                                

No matter what dress you prefer to wear, make sure to adorn few accessories to look stylish. Have few accessories with chunky design and few simple ones to match the style of dresses you have. These accessories can divert the attention off your dresses if worn in a perfect way.